Saturday, 10 December 2011

Important news from ScotFamTree forum

An important announcement from the ScotFamTree Forum, which I consider to be the foremost family history discussion forum in Scotland, with many passionate, dedicated, often irreverent and above all, fun members! The site has recently had major problems in relocating to a new online portal, but all is now apparently resolved - here's the announcement:

Our previous forum address of will no longer be used, it will be closed and only used as an archive.

We are now using our reserve forum as our main forum. This forum is now our home. If you have not already registered at the new forum, please do so.

In the coming days,it will be well worth while registering at the new forum as we are ,in way of a thank you, about to offer a great deal for those interested in subscribing to tier2.

We look forward to seeing you, on the new forum,once you have REGISTERED.

Comment - do visit and have a look, I've often described SFT as an online family history society, rather than a forum, a great resource, and I look forward to its members' next meeting in February!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support Chris! Have a good Christmas!