Thursday, 10 November 2011

Series 2 of WDYTYA US to be shown in UK

The second American series of Who Do You Think You Are is to be shown from November 16th on BBC1 (except BBC1 East by looks of it). Most of the network gets it at 22.45, with Northern Ireland and Wales at 23.15.

Interestingly it looks like each episode is 30 minutes only - which is shorter than the US original version, implying a significant amount (up to 10 mins or so) has been edited out. The first edition features Steve Buscemi, an American actor - the transmission order is not the same as the US run, therefore, which commenced with Vanessa Williams (from Ugly Betty fame). All eight programmes of the series are due to be broadcast, though it is unclear as yet as to whether that will be in a single run.

I have seen the second series already, and it was a great improvement on the first - though an edited version may be a bit of a backwards step, as the US version is quite punchy compared to the UK edition. The second series also removed a lot of the dreadful advert breaks repetition at the start of each part, so quite what is being cut remains to be seen.

(With thanks to @debbiekennett on Twitter)


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Christine said...

Hopefully you're assumption is correct about the "dreadful advert breaks". I watch them on YouTube here in the States and it seems with every break you get the teaser footage before and the recap afterwards. I can see where that might add up to ten minutes of re-hash. I'll have to check the run time on the Youtube episodes for a comparison.