Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Roots Ireland discounts

Roots Ireland (www.rootsireland.ie) has tweeted that it is offering a special offer on its vital records site for the whole of November. Rather typically, I took the decision last week to spend a whack of money on the site, as I really wanted to push back on my wife's lines. The good news is that I was able to do so on several lines, right back to the late 1700s - and also managed to finally connect her to a gravestone we found at Owning Church in Kilkenny about 8 years ago, which was particularly thrilling. In the process though, I spent well over a hundred Euros - ouch.

In recent times, RootsIreland has listened to critics and made the site much more functional, and it is a truly superb site now, doing what you would expect such a site to do. I made some serious progress over the last week on my wife's tree, which would not have been possible a couple of years back. Price is still an issue though, so a November special is particularly welcome. I have had a quick look, and can't see a notice of the prices on the site yet, but I have noticed that via its discount scheme (if more than one child to a couple for example), 2 records now costs 6.50 Euros, rather than 8 Euros - a considerable saving on the normal 10 Euros it used to be, with individual records at 5 Euros each. I've been unable to establish more, as I'm having issues with the site (possibly an update in progress). But now may be the time to really go for it. I'll update when I find more!

Update: OK folks, the new prices for November

1 record €3.50 (Euro) - down from €5
2 records – €6.50 - down from €8
3 - 4 records – €11.00 - down from €12
5 – 10 records €20.00 - same as before
11 – 15 records €30.00 - same as before

It's a slightly odd discount in that at first it appears that will benefit those with smaller families in their trees! But it is in fact possible to control the search parameters to reduce costs further in some cases - e.g. if you have 5 kids returned for a parent search, four births costs €11, and five costs €20 - so it's better to try to construct the year range to return four results in one go (total €11), and one in another (total €3.50) - therefore you actually spend €14.50, rather than €20...!

Very welcome discounts.

(With thanks to Roots Ireland)


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