Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Irish Family History Resources Online - my new book

My latest book, Irish Family History Resources Online, is now available for pre-order from Gould Genealogy in Australia at a price of AU$19.50. Here's the cover blurb:

There is a popular belief that Irish family history research is virtually impossible because 'all the records were burned in the civil war'. But as Northern Irish born family historian Chris Paton demonstrates, the glass is most definitely half full rather than half empty when it comes to research in the Emerald Isle. Many records still exist which can help with your ancestral pursuits, and for those unable to make their way to Ireland to carry out research, the internet is finally coming to the rescue, as more and more material is increasingly finding its way online by the day.

This concise Unlock the Past guide explores the key repositories and records now available online, and will prove to you that if you have been put off with Irish research in the past, now is absolutely the time to take another look.

The book is so fresh they're still finishing off the cover design, but it will be available very shortly (I'll update in due course!)! To pre-order please visit http://www.gould.com.au/Irish-Family-History-Resources-Online-Pre-Order-p/utp0282.htm

The books is all Ireland based, and structured through the following chapters:

Who were they?
* Civil registration
* Church records
* Burial records
* Wills and probate
* Biographical databases
* Heraldry
Where were they?
* Censuses
* Street directories
* Land records
* Maps and gazetteers
Archives and Libraries
* National Archives of Ireland
* National Library of Ireland
Newspapers and Books
* Newspapers
* Books, journals and magazines
Other useful material
* Gateway sites
* Military, police and the law
* Emigration
* Miscellaneous sites of interest
Some further reading

Not only is packed with links to various sites but there are also several walk throughs - how to apply for Irish civil records, the best techniques for online census and church records research, and much more. A big thanks to Ross Weldon at FindmyPast Ireland for his help, and to Alan Phillips and Rosemary Kopittke at Unlock the Past in Oz for their help and support with it.

Hope it helps anyone down under with their Irish research!


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