Monday, 10 October 2011

Court of the Lord Lyon - 'bonkers'

The Daily Mail is not happy! It's having a go at the Court of the Lord Lyon ( today, the government body in Scotland responsible for the correct use of heraldry, which can prosecute for the illegal use of a coat of arms in Scotland.



The Professional Descendant said...

I'm not a huge fan of heraldry but I figure if it wasn't for the Court of the Lord Lyon we would see a whole lot more of it in Scotland. On that basis alone the Court does serve a function!


Chris Paton said...

I'm in a similar boat - or should that be 'lymphad'?! (Chortle, little heraldry joke!)

Historically, I definitely get the whole point of heraldry. Its continual perpetuation, however, bewilders me!


Audrey Collins said...

Isn't it much the same as using a logo or trademark without permission? Strikes me that the Daily Mail would be down like a ton of bricks on anyone hijacking any of theirs (although I doubt that anyone would want to!)

Chris Paton said...

I'm sure they would - especially if they could get lines on immigration and Europe tagged on as well! :)

The Daily Mail - Gawd bless it - a really crap newspaper and proud! :)