Saturday, 3 September 2011

Same sex marriage consultation launched

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on the implementation of same sex marriages and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships, the introduction of which is a stated aspiration of the government, though according to Nicola Sturgeon it is not the intention to force faith groups to solemnise such marriages against their will. The BBC has the full story at

A Register of Civil Partnerships and a Register of Dissolutions of Civil Partnerships were both introduced in December 2005. Both are held and administered by the National Records of Scotland (

The consultation paper is online at



Jinty said...

" it is not the intention to force faith groups to solemnise such marriages against their will"
And we all know where good intentions lead to.
I have no problem with Civil Partnership but to me & my beliefs marriage is that between a man & a woman-that's my view & my belief.
If marriage is sanctioned & legalised between the same sex-how long before Churches who do not sanction such unions are stripped off their ability to perform any marriages in the guise of equality?
I am really opposed to this but realise I am probably in the minority.
I believe that people should not be discriminated against because of their race,sexual orientation,gender or age.
I can just see the future though & what may not be intended may happen.In protecting the "rights" of one group another may be discriminated against.

Chris Paton said...

There are other beliefs. I too am heterosexual and happily married, but my sister is gay, and I personally don't believe why I should be privileged in such arrangements. I should add that I am not religious in the slightest.

Ultimately there will be many opinions on this, but in a democracy one would hope that the majority view - whatever that is - would prevail.

One thing I should add. I was raised a Presbyterian in Ireland and my wife a Roman Catholic. We married in a Catholic ceremony in Kilkenny, as my wife's faith is important to her and I respect it. But prior to going I was forced to go through a "how to be married course" from a priest in Glasgow. I nearly died from the irony of it! I think there is a lot of hypocrisy in the church, as much as there is in society. So I'm only too happy to take the politcians' lead on this.


Tunji Lees said...

About time! Hopefully it will be legalized soon.
I find it absurd that South Africa has legalized same-sex marriage, while countries like the UK are still laging behind.

Marriage was once solely a religious institution, true. However, it has evolved long since then, and many secular couples get married as proof of their love and commitment to each other. A Civil Partnership is just not the same.
I see it as a civil right that couples should be able to get married, whether of opposite sexes, or not.

In any case, this is a very heated issue, and I could probably continue on and write a 20 page paper on why I believe in gay marriage, but I think I'll leave it at this. :)