Tuesday, 13 September 2011

British GENES launches

Eagle eyed readers will be aware that on the right of this blog page there has been a link for a few weeks to the British GENES Daily, a development from Scottish GENES based on the Paper.li Twitter reader format, which presents Twitter based links from friends I follow as newspaper stories. The idea was launched in December last year in a post within which I also asked about people's thoughts on expanding the Scottish GENES blog to cover wider British news (see http://scottishancestry.blogspot.com/2010/12/new-from-scottish-genes-british-genes.html).

Most of those who posted comments wished for Scottish GENES to be kept as is, though I also received comments by email and other means saying they would love to see an expansion. So here's the solution - a separate blog! British GENES (www.britishgenes.blogspot.com) will cover developments across the British Isles, including Ireland and some content from Scottish GENES. But don't panic - Scottish GENES will carry on!

I've had a few mad months this year with a variety of projects, but with light at the end of the tunnel now there will be a few developments with Scottish GENES. I have for a few months been running a parallel blog entitled Walking in Eternity, in which I have added some feature stories beyond news. I will integrate this occasional blog into Scottish GENES, to provide a wider mix of news, stories and tips, so hopefully Scottish GENES should retain its own separate identity to the British site. I've a few other wee tricks up my sleeve, but everything comes to he or she who waits! :)

So business as usual - and now another blog if you wish to look further afield for ancestors beyond Scotland! :)



Geniaus said...

Great news, Chris. You already do a great job highlighting major British news on Scottish GENES I will look forward to reading you new blog.

Chris Paton said...

Thanks Jill! :)