Saturday, 6 August 2011

Overseas ScotlandsPeople promotion - free credits

Ancestral Scotland ( is offering 30 free ScotlandsPeople credits, worth £7, to overseas residents in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. The credits can be used at to view Scottish vital and census records (about 4 digitised records and two LDS 1881 census transcriptions views - wills and Arms not included).

The promotion is available at - here's the blurb from the site:

Claim your FREE genealogy search credits today

AncestralScotland, Scottish Government and ScotlandsPeople, Scotland’s official online source of genealogical information, are offering you 30 FREE search credits, worth approximately £7GBP.

Researching your Scottish ancestors can be very rewarding, but nothing compares to experiencing first-hand the places they lived and worked. Try on the kilt of your clan, touch the walls of your family castle and see the very documents that chronicle their lives.

It's probably worth pointing out that not all Scots live in castles or feel the need to touch them, and come to think of it, most people I know don't actually walk about in kilts either for fear of dying from hypothermia! But thirty free credits is thirty free credits - so ignore the tartan shortbread wording and just sign up! lol :)

The promotion is only available to those overseas, but a similar promotion for UK residents is available, except with this you can only get 10 credits, which allows you to view one digitised record and a few entries on the transcription of the 1881 census. But ten free credits is ten free credits - so ignore the.... OK, you get it! The link for this is available at

Have fun, and if you're visiting Scotland, turas math dhuibh!

By the way - if you do visit Scotland and fancy a bit of castle touching, I'm advised it's not actually technically illegal any more, but.... (etc)

This could have been mine if it hadn't been for the prosecution for excessive castle touching, before the law was relaxed...

(With thanks to @NZgenealogy on Twitter)

UPDATE: Note at bottom of page - "this promotion is only open to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Exisiting users/account holders of cannot claim and misuse will result in them being penalised." So registering with your existing account is a no-no apparently. No idea what happens if you set up another account though. Also no idea what 'penalised' means.


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