Saturday, 20 August 2011

Note from Diane Baptie

I've had a note from Diane Baptie concerning a blog post I made about the latest SAFHS newsletter on April 13th, available at

Amongst the developments I commented on in the document, which is online at, is the following: "On a downside, Elizabeth Mortimer retired in January and Diane Baptie has also decided to retire from ASGRA. Elizabeth is a past Chairman, and Diane a past Treasurer and Chairman of ASGRA. Their experience and expertise will be greatly missed."

Based on this, I paid tribute to Diane as follows: "One other piece of news is that Diane Baptie is retiring from ASGRA after many years as a member. I'm often asked about particular brick walls in research, often on the church records front, and Diane's guide Registers of the Secession Churches in Scotland is of one the most valuable books I have in my library. You can find it for sale through SAFHS (, and best of luck to her for the future."

Diane has been in touch to state that due to illness earlier in the year, she decided to give up doing in-depth research, but is in fact still continuing to specialise in transcribing earlier Scots documents and to give advice and explanations about them. Happy to clarify the situation!


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