Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Scottish GENES Facebook address

The Scottish GENES Facebook page now has a much simpler to remember web address - www.facebook.com/ScottishGENES. You will find links to all the stories on the blog, some bonus video material and links to additional stories and interesting tips as shared by other genies on Facebook. And you can also leave comments, and in due course I will run some further polls.

I ran a poll last week on the TV series Who Do You Think You Are, with seven possible answers on what you felt about the show - though hadn't twigged that only three possible answers would show without users having to click on a further link! 59 people answered it (big thanks!), but all replied using only the three visible answers, so lessons learned for the next poll, which I will confine to just 3 possibilities! For the record, 43 found it entertaining and worth the wait every year, 13 were indifferent but would watch it if on, though found it varied in quality from week to week - and 3 had never seen it!

Don't forget also that you can sign up to receive a daily RSS feed of all stories from the blog. To do so, simply add your e-mail address to the panel on the left hand side of the page which looks like this:

All the convenience of each story in one simple daily digest!

It's hard to tell how many actually follow the blog, as there are many different indicators. At present there are almost 900 daily subscribers via RSS, Facebook today passed the 800 followers mark, and on Twitter there are about 740 followers just now. There will be some overlap, but I try to bring unique attributes to each of the platforms as I know some people prefer one over another. And I've only just started with Google Plus - though the jury is still out there, I'm not yet quite convinced! :)

There will be a few changes in due course once I have my next book out of the way - but more on that soon! :) In the meantime, thanks for following!


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