Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Local History and Family History Society League

You know how family history is about trying to research your family tree, and in the process learn a wee bit about yourself and how you came to be? Clearly at times you will come across problems that require the help of a dedicated bunch of individuals working on the same journey as yourself. Who should you call in such an hour of darkest need? Who is there to fight for your rights to research, to wear tweed with pride, to challenge a world at times best perceived as having gone just a wee bit mad really?

If you have not yet sought such help, there is a body waiting in the wings to embrace you with the acquired wisdom of decades. The Local History and Family History Society League (TLHAFHSL) was founded in 1894, when the internet was first established, and although it peaked at 20,000 members prior to the great flu epidemic which wiped out the majority of them, it has since arisen like a phoenix from the ashes to once more serve its online membership well.

Visit the society's blog at http://thelocalhistoryandfamilyhistorysocietyleague.wordpress.com to learn about the four sacred cow legs of family history research, to consult the league's index to family history indexes, and to be inspired by the following pearl of wisdom, one amongst many:

Everyone gets bored with the same old source. Try a different one. Forget the census. Try making your own source by filling erroneous data into a home-made but official looking certificate. Drench it in tea to give it that ‘ye olde’ look.

Above all else make sure that your kitchen cabinet is well stocked up on useful condiments. Such as pinches of salt...! :)

(With thanks to Simon Fowler)


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BDM said...

I missed this first time around. The Monty Python of geneabloggers. Well done. Let's put a historical plaque on The Tired Badger :-)