Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Irish Family and Local History Handbook

Those of you with Irish roots are in for a treat, with the forthcoming The Irish Family and Local History Handbook! The book is produced by Bob and Liz Blatchford, who have for many years been producing a British version (now in its 13th volume), but this is the first volume dedicated entirely to Ireland. I'm happy to say I've contributed, and there are many other articles from genealogists across both Ireland and Britain, all designed to help you with your Irish research.

A new website has now gone online to take pre-orders for the book, which will be officially launched at the Back to Our Past show in Dublin from October 21st-23rd. For more details visit

For buyers in the UK the book will cost £10, plus £4 p&p. The official UK launch is February 2012.


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Tunji Lees said...

Now all we need is a Scottish edition :D