Friday, 12 August 2011

Glasgow City Burial records being digitised

Thanks to Ronnie Scott at the University of Strathclyde and to Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society for the heads up on the following exciting development concerning the city of Glasgow.

Both had heard news of Glasgow City Archives apparently digitising burial records for the city, but there was little information about how the records would be presented. It had been posited that the records might have been digitised for presentation at some stage on ScotlandsPeople. However, I have contacted the centre for any details, and it has since been clarified that this is in fact a combined initiative by the National Records of Scotland, Glasgow City Archives and FamilySearch.

The present status of the project, as given by NRS, is as follows:

NRS are assessing how much work is needed to index these records to allow them to be readily searched so no timescale for the release of these records is known at this stage.

There is no indication as to how these records will be made available, nor on the scope of the project. Certainly ScotlandsPeople has no plans on this, as the priority there just now is the Valuation Rolls which should be going online soon. So at the moment it is anybody's guess as to where and when they will appear - but very interesting to note that FamilySearch is involved!

Obviously I'll bring any further developments on this if I can.

(With thanks to Ronnie Scott, Morag Fyfe, Dee Williams and Rob Mildren)


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Old Census Scribe said...

FamilySearch have been involved in a similar digitization of Toronto records.