Thursday, 4 August 2011

Genealogy Twitter Reader 2.0

From Genealogy in Time (

Genealogy Twitter Reader 2.0

GenealogyInTime™ magazine has launched version 2.0 of its popular Genealogy Twitter Reader. This free tool has many enhancements over the previous version, including:
• A much improved user interface.
• Complete coverage of the genealogy Twitter universe (thousands of tweeters).
• Strong filtering to weed out unnecessary tweets.
• Faster updates in real-time.

For Genealogy Twitter Users:
• Follow all genealogy tweets from a single location.
• Run the reader in the background. It will continue to update.
• Directly link to your account by clicking on the Twitter icon.

For Genealogy Bloggers:
• Get ideas for future blog posts.
• Find out who is reading and discussing your blog.

For Everyone Interested in Genealogy:
• Follow the latest genealogy news and events.
• Read Twitter without a Twitter account.

Try the free Genealogy Twitter Reader now at

COMMENT: If you have no idea what Twitter is (, what a 'tweet' is and all of that, this is a good way to get an idea what the craic is all about! Also a useful place for regular tweeters to perhaps pick up on useful addresses. Looks like it works by simply picking up on the #genealogy hashtag, but not other tags such as #familyhistory. Still, useful!



Joan Smith said...

Thanks for posting this.

We actually focus on three tags:
#genealogy, #familyhistory and #familysearch. We also filter content.

You can read more about the technical details at the bottom of this page:

Joan Smith
GenealogyInTime magazine

Chris Paton said...

Thanks Joan!