Saturday, 6 August 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 - public beta

Ancestry has now provided a link to its new Family Tree Maker 2012 beta - it can be directly downloaded from

The Ancestry discussion board at is asking for feedback to the beta, which now introduces a new tree syncing feature - so if you have your tree hosted on Ancestry, you can change it in real time as you work without having to constantly re-upload a Gedcom file etc.

Ancestry poster duffwilson states on the message:

We are very excited about this forthcoming new release of Family Tree Maker. For your information, not only are we identifying and fixing a number of critical issues during this beta period, but a very high percentage of beta participants are synchronizing their trees successfully. In fact, we are seeing thousands of files being synchronized successfully each day compared to a relatively small number of failures—which continue to decline. We encourage you to continue to share your experience and your suggestions on this message board.

It is important to note that this is a beta, not the final product, so you may well find glitches as you work - that is the point of beta testing, to iron out the bugs!

Thanks to Tamura Jones for updating me on this - Tamura's updated post on the new beta is available at As I don't use the programme myself, some further technical aspects in the new programme discussed on Randy Seaver's post at are a wee bit beyond me, but may be useful for those who do.

(With thanks to Tamura Jones)


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