Sunday, 24 July 2011

Uig Roll of Honour and other resources

A Second World War Roll of Honour for West Uig on Lewis has been placed online at

Other recent uploads by Comann Eachdraidh Uig onto its website include:

* Valtos births in the OPR, 1824-1845; and lists of tenants, rents and arrears in 1824 for Breanish, Mangersta,Carnish, Ardroil (Capadal, Pennydonald and Balnicol), Valtos, Kneep, Reef and the Bays. Also a list of all known Norse or horizontal mills in Uig, drawn from Dr Finlay Macleod’s book on the subject.

* A location list for Uig school records

* A page of Valtos marriages (1824 to 1869) from the Old Parish Register

* List of Militia Men 1797 in Uig

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