Friday, 22 July 2011

Site update

I've had another wee tinker with the layout of the blog - with so many links in a single column it took forever to scroll down, so I have now created a new three column layout which I hope still works! I have also simplified some of the links, and added new pages at the top of the page, one for my research service and another on forthcoming talks. Please note that at present I am not taking on new clients, due to various writing commitments, but will do so again from September. At this point my research rate will also rise for the first time in a few years to £20 an hour (currently £18), but more on that in due course.

You will also notice at the top left of the screen a Scottish GENES YouTube video interview. This can be expanded to a full screen display by clicking on the arrow based icon on the bottom right hand corner. I will alternate the videos from time to time with different interviewees, both pre-recorded and new, all part of an attempt to make the site a bit more interactive. I have a few other ideas which I will hopefully implement later in the year, but I need to get a few other things out of the way first!

NB: Readers should be aware that the use of a sunny image in the background is in no ways meant to be an attempt to misrepresent the true wonders of Scottish weather! :)


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