Monday, 11 July 2011

New Fife Family History Society website

Fife Family History Society now has a new Blogger based web platform at

For those who are looking for the old records transcriptions on the previous site, they are still available - go to Records at the bottom of the new site, or directly to



The Professional Descendant said...

Thanks for the help Chris. Glad my inability to spot the obvious has inspired a blog post ;-)

I didn't scroll down far enough and only saw the list of links under 'Society Information' so thought the transcriptions must no longer be available. Have now bookmarked them!


Chris Paton said...

Thanks for flagging it Kirsty!

The old address maps onto the new site, so if people have it bookmarked it should still redirect to the new site.


Chris Paton said...

PS: I should add that an old issue of Your Family Tree actually released these databases, or at least some of them, onto a cover mounted CD a year or two ago - will try to suss out which one!