Friday, 1 July 2011

More on Ancestry's London wills

Earlier today there was quite a debate on Twitter amongst a few genies as to exactly what is contained within's newly released and very impressive London wills collection, with the source information on the site being somewhat vague, stating only that they come from the London Metropolitan Archives and not from the PCC wills collection.

Off the back of that, the Society of Genealogists' genealogist Else Churchill has rather brilliantly pulled together a summary, as far as can be made out, on what is actually contained, and equally as important, what is not. The information is useful in that if you cannot find someone in the collection, it does not necessarily mean that a will was not left - just that it is not in the records Ancestry has placed online!

Else's post can be read online at

(A big thanks to Else for taking the time to do this!)


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arbuthnot said...

Unfortunately the previous post on missing years is not quite accurate
From the missing years list the following show the additions
(y = yes now available, n = not yet)
1863 y
1868 y
1873 y
1876 y
1877 y
1883 y
1888 y
1899 n
1900 n
1901 n
1902 n
1903 y
1910 n
1911 n