Monday, 11 July 2011

Forthcoming talks

The following is a provisional list of some forthcoming talks and courses I'll be doing/taking:

July 30th - The Weavers of Perth, at ScotFamTree AGM, A.K. Bell Library, Perth (

Aug 29th - Scottish Research Online course, £45.99, 5 weeks (

Sep 24th - Scottish Genealogy Beginners Workshop and The Weavers of Perth, Tayroots Genealogy Day, Local History Library, Central Library, Dundee. Details TBC

Sep 27th - Irish Resources Online, Standard Life Family History Society, Lothian Road, Edinburgh - (2 x 45 minute sessions). Starts 6.30pm, ends 9pm.

Oct 8th - Irish Resources Online (50 mins), Dumfries & Galloway FHS

Oct 13th - Irish Resources Online (50 mins), East Ayrshire FHS

Oct 17th - Scotland 1750 - 1850: Beyond the OPRs course, £45.99, 5 weeks (

Oct 25th - Introduction to Scottish Family History (50 mins), Probus Club, Largs. Starts 10am.

Nov 9th - The Ruhleben Story (WW1 civilian POWs in Germany), Central Scotland FHS, Stirling (

Nov 21st-Dec 5th - Unlock the Past cruise, New Zealand & Oz ( Various talks, some shore based also

Jan 10th 2012 - There's Been a Murder, Largs and N. Ayrshire FHS

Feb 16th 2012 - Irish Resources Online, Renfrewshire FHS, Paisley (

Happy to do additional talks anywhere else if I can fit them in!



Anonymous said...

DGFHS 10th October - barring being on holiday (unlikely LOL) I'll be at that one if they take visitors. Cheers, G'Lass

Looking forward to the SFT one, was secretly hoping it was going to be the mur-dur. :-)

Chris Paton said...

Doing that one in Largs in January!

Most FHSs will allow visitors on the door, best to check websites in advance. See you there!