Monday, 18 July 2011

Former BBC Scotland building at risk

The former BBC Scotland buildings at Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow are now officially on the Buildings at Risk register.

I must admit to a personal sense of sadness with this, as I worked at the BBC's premises here for some six years, just before the corporation moved to its new purpose built premises at Pacific Quay on the south of the Clyde. I remember the staff meeting in one of the studios at Queen Margaret Drive when the management decided to unveil the apparently striking new design of the replacement that was to be built - and the looks on all of my former colleagues' faces when they revealed that such genius was to be nothing more than a big glass box.

I had heard some time ago that the QMD building was to be redeveloped into a hotel, and certainly the rest of the BBC's premises on the site have long been demolished, but I'm assuming that has now fallen through.

And here's a photo I took of the area just over a year ago....

Very sad - and I still miss the canteen! :)

(With thanks to the RCAHMS on Twitter)


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