Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Family History Show on YouTube

Nick Barratt and Laura Berry, the editorial team of Your Family History magazine (, are experimenting with an online YouTube hosted video series entitled The Family History Show.

A pilot programme has been made and is now available in four separate parts on the site at, and I know that Nick and Laura already have plans afoot for further instalments. Shown here is the third section of the pilot, an interview with Titanic survivor Millvina Dean. An interview with television presenter Dan Cruickshank will also be going online soon, but also available just now are additional sections on UK genealogy news, YFH readers' stories and some other items of interest. Well worth a look at this and the other instalments. Nick has told me that he hopes to launch a dedicated web based platform for the show in due course - but one step at a time!

In the meantime, the latest edition of Your Family History is now on sale, and includes an in depth look from yours truly at Scottish civil registration and censuses. The next time somebody tells you that the 1931 UK census hasn't survived, you'll be able to correct them once you've read it...! It's the first in a new series of Scottish based articles that I'm doing for the magazine.

Finally, don't forget to check out my own YouTube channel at where you'll find interviews that I have grabbed with various gene genies in the UK and Australia, including FIBIS webmaster Valmay Young, Audrey Collins from TNA, Karel Kiely from RootsIreland, Ali MacDonald from the Scottish DNA project and more, including a video tour of the new PRONI building in Belfast.

Enjoy! :)


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