Monday, 11 July 2011

Deceased Online update

I normally only announce Scottish releases on this blog, but here's a quick summary of recent Deceased Online ( releases:

• Greenwich becomes the 6th London Council to place its data on Deceased Online by adding records for Eltham Crematorium, one of the busiest crematoria in the country. Of the total 200,000+ records, an initial tranche of nearly 65,000 will be available by early August. (The other London councils are Brent, Camden, Havering, Islington and Merton)

• Wakefield Council, West Yorkshire: 82,000 burial records will be added by mid-July (a further 300,000 plus should be online later in 2011 and into 2012).

• Kettering, Northants: a total of 171,000 burial and cremation records for 8 cemeteries and a crematorium, most of which will be added in mid-July.

• Edinburgh: on 24 June, 313,000 records were added for Seafield Cemetery and Crematorium and Warriston Crematorium.

• Aberdeenshire: 37,400 records were added for 2 cemeteries in Peterhead during May and June.

• Romford, Essex: nearly 38,000 records were added in June for Romford Cemetery, completing all the Havering cemeteries.

• Wiltshire Council: 36,000 burial records for 7 cemeteries were added in May.

Perhaps more interesting for readers is a bit more background to just who or what Deceased Online actually is. So here's the small print from the press release!

• Deceased Online is a joint enterprise between Gower Consultants Ltd and Manuscripti Ltd. Gower Consultants ( is an independent computer systems and software supplier, founded in 1982, and working for most of this time within the cemetery and cremation management sector. Gower offers a range of IT products and management services successfully used by the industry for nearly 25 years. Manuscripti ( provides scanning, archiving and reproduction solutions specialising in working with and preserving old and fragile documents and books and particularly working with local authorities and other public bodies.

• The revenue that is generated is shared 50-50 between the council supplying the relevant purchased data and Deceased Online net of bank charges.

• Currently 50 authorities have placed their records onto Deceased Online and it is expected that this will rise to around 100 during 2012. There are nearly 450 cemeteries and crematoria with all, most or part of their records on the website and hopefully this will double by the end of 2012.

• The UK’s largest cemetery, St Pancras and Islington in north London, has all of its 850,000 burial records on Deceased Online.

It's a great venture, it's getting even better, and I'm looking forward to seeing some more Scottish content soon. I've also heard another wee whisper about something which will be of use to certain readers of this blog if it happens, but more news as and when!

Don't forget that Scottish Monumental Inscriptions ( now has records on the Deceased Online site also, from some thirteen counties across the country.

(With thanks to Richard Gray)


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