Monday, 18 July 2011

David Peat photography exhibition

I've just discovered that a former BBC colleague, David Peat, has a photography exhibition currently ongoing at the Aberfeldy Watermill until July 25th (see

The BBC has placed a slideshow online at showcasing some of David's black and white imagery from as far back as the 1960s, played against an audio commentary of his own words describing his motivations. These include some wonderful old images from life in the tenements of the Gorbals, with the buildings long since destroyed, and other images from both across Scotland and internationally.

I was acquainted with David when he was at the Beeb a few years ago producing Clarissa and the Countryside and other productions in the arts and factual department where I used to work, but had no idea that he had such a wonderful collection of images. The photographs were taken over many years, and with his busy television life most never made it beyond contact sheets. Two years ago David discovered that he had developed an incurable form of cancer, which has now motivated him to finish the job that he started so many years ago, by printing off and exhibiting some of his best material.

A truly wonderful presentation online, and if you wish to see the exhibition, do hurry, as it ends next week. And best wishes to David, a true gentleman.


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