Monday, 20 June 2011

World Archives Project developments

Ancestry's World Archives Project continues to generate indexes to new collections. I've just checked the latest sit-rep on the site, and a few collections of Scottish interest are coming soon. The Valuation Registers (valuation rolls) project from 1857-1899 for Perth is now at 96% completion - one final push and we'll see this go live folks! lol Don't forget that some additional rolls for Dumfriesshire have been made available by Graham and Emma Maxwell at and that rolls for Glasgow from 1913-14 are freely available also at In due course there are plans for some rolls from 1855-1915 to go online at ScotlandsPeople, hopeefully some time this year. These will be at mid decade intervals (1855, 1865 etc), with censuses providing similar head of household information for records every other five years (1861, 1871 etc). All are digitised and available for the whole period at the National Records of Scotand (

Also coming soon through Ancestry's WAP, having been completed and now 'in processing', are British Postal Service Appointment Books ( and England, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices Indentures 1710-1810 - no idea if the latter includes Scotland, and just badly named, or if they've literally confined it to England; if the latter, I think that would be a little odd, as the indexes are mixed for both countries and already available on FindmyPast up to 1774 (sourced from the SoG in London). Will just have to wait and see!


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