Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tayroots Genealogy Day

This is a bit of a pre-announcement, to let you know that Tayroots Genealogy Day will be held in Dundee on Saturday 24th September 2011. The venue has yet to be confirmed, but should be sorted in the next few days. There will be various groups and societies in attendance to help you research your tree or solve particular family history problems, and a few speakers, of which yours truly will be one.

I'll be taking an introductory workshop to Scottish family history research for absolute beginners - so if you know your granny was called Jessie and not much else, but want to know how you get started, this session will arm you with some of the basic tools, approaches and a general lay of the genealogical landscape to get you going. I'll also be doing a talk on the history and records of the weavers of Perth, discussing the existence and use of trade incorporation records, the boom and bust of the handloom industry and more, and including my favourite record of all time concerning a Perth based weaver, who tried and failed to put his masters in their place and paid the price! :)

Also provisionally booked to do talks are Bruce Durie of the University of Strathclyde, who will be discussing the university's Scottish DNA Project, and Andrew Nicoll of the Scottish Catholic Archives, who gave such a brilliant presentation at last week's SAFHS conference in Edinburgh on Scottish Roman Catholic records.

Lots happening, and more detail to come! Hopefully see you there!


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