Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scottish nicknames in Glengarry, Ontario

Dianne Bergstadt has tweeted a link to a site which notes the nicknames used by Scottish settlers who settled in Glengarry County, Ontario. The list was first typed up by Alexa Pritchard, who noted:

"I was given the list 10 years ago by Donald Fraser who is now 97, and is/was the local historian. It was clearly an old list even in 1990, pages are yellowed. I'd lost it in my office papers and it surfaced on the weekend. Too valuable not to be shared."

Only a handful of the names are derived from Gaelic e.g. 'Mary Vech' for Mary MacDonald, which comes from Mary Bheag, Little Mary. Most are English names - eg. John MacDonald known as The Feathery Taylor. All of the aliases can be accessed at

(With thanks to Dianne, @scotsinamerica)


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