Friday, 24 June 2011

More on Edinburgh burial and cremation records

Following news yesterday that the Edinburgh burial and cremation records would be going online today via the Deceased Online website (see, some more detail now from the site itself on the scope of the data:

Seafield Cemetery, Seafield Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7QP

38,629 burials, dated 10 January 1888 to 2011, are available as Mortality register scans in various formats at between 34 and 40 entries per scanned page. These records also include the type of hearse used at the funeral.

Seafield Crematorium, Seafield Place, Edinbugh, EH6 7QP

49,502 Cremations, dated 3 May 1939 to 6 June 2009, are available as Cremation register scans at 7 entries per page.

Warriston Crematorium, 36 Warriston Road, Edinbugh, EH7 4HW

224,620 Cremations, dated 1 October 1929 to 13 June 2009, are available as Cremation register scans at 6 to 9 entries per page.
Records up to 1991 are available - records after this date are still being uploaded but will be available shortly.


For the purposes of the UK Data Protection Act, the names and addresses of funeral applicants and grave (lair) owners for burials during the last 75 years have been withheld from publication.

Edinburgh Crematorium Ltd have also requested that the addresses of the deceased and places of death not be shown in cremation register records for the last 15 years.

The records are available at


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