Thursday, 9 June 2011

Free access to 1911 English & Welsh census

The 1911 census for England and Wales is now freely available in a restricted form via the FamilySearch website at

A returned search will list name, age, gender, birthplace and registration district where recorded for the census. No indication of others present in the household is provided, nor is this possible as the source information is not included. In an example, I looked up my great grandfather's brother, James Paton. It states he was 50, male, born in "Lanark, Glaslow" (sic) and resident in the registration district of Croydon, sub-district of South Croydon. For all results, a link will take you to the FindmyPast website ( and access to the original image and full details, for the requisite fee. Nevertheless, if you wish to make an initial enquiry concerning someone's presence in an area, a useful tool.

It is worth pointing out that a free search can be done on FindmyPast itself without logging in, but all that is returned is name, age and registration district, so the FamilySearch site does offer the advantage of listing place of birth also.

(With thanks to John Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog)


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