Thursday, 5 May 2011

Scottish War Brides talk

From the National Library of Scotland newsletter:

Bottled Tears: Scottish War Brides of World War Two - Talk

12 May 2011, 6.00pm

Over the past ten years, Beverley Tosh, a New Zealand-born Canadian artist, has been consumed with the exploration and creative reinterpretation of the historical phenomenon of war brides: brides of foreign military personnel who married during the WWII era and immigrated to their husbands' homelands. Join us for a fascinating audio-visual presentation as Beverley talks about her work that is based on history and personal experience, crossing disciplines, nationalities and generations.

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Anonymous said...

Saw her exhibit here in Calgary at the Glenbow Museum. Was a lovely expression of that time and the lives these Brides lived.

Sandy said...

We [Auckland War Memorial Museum] currently have "Mr Jones' Wives: War Brides of New Zealand Servicemen" on at the museum if anyone is planning to visit Auckland, New Zealand shortly or is already here. It's been very popular. Seems to be something about war brides and their moving away from home that pulls at peoples heartstrings.