Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Royal Naval officers service records online

Thanks to Simon Fowler for the following news:

Over 5,000 selected officers' service records, recorded on cards, are now available on the National Archive's Documents Online service (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline) for men and women serving in the Royal Navy, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and Women's Royal Naval Service. The records are sourced from Admiralty records series ADM 340, and provide details of an officer’s name, date and place of birth, rank, date of seniority, training undertaken, names of ships served on, and period of time served and address. A new page on the collection is available at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/navy-cards-and-files.asp.

From the site:

The Admiralty had traditionally recorded service details in books and registers. The new format of cards and files was introduced early in the twentieth century for all officers then serving, including some with service dating back to c.1880 (and possibly earlier still in a few cases).

Whereas so often an entry in a book or register would relate to only one period of an officer's service, the introduction of the individual record card/file brought in the concept of a single continuous record spanning the length of the officer's service. Some records in this series therefore detail service through both World Wars and into the 1950s.

As with other Documents Online releases, each record costs £3.50 to download. They are searchable through the following fields:

· First name(s)
· Last name
· Year of birth
· Place of birth
· Rank/Service number

At the moment only pieces 1-150 from the collection are available, though the rest will be added in due course.


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