Friday, 27 May 2011

Riverside Museum to open June 21st

Some news on the new Riverside Museum opening in Glasgow:

Described as ‘Glasgow’s Guggenheim’ the £74 million museum will be Zaha Hadid’s first major public commission to open in the UK. It will house more than 3,000 exhibits, in over 150 interactive displays telling the stories of the people who built, owned and used them. From massive steam locomotives, to the re-creation of a city street during the 1900s, the cathedral-like structure provides a stunning backdrop to showcase the innovation and ambition of what was the Second City of the Empire. The Tall Ship, Glenlee is now berthed alongside the museum.

The Riverside Museum will open to the public on 21 June. It has been funded by Glasgow City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Riverside Museum Appeal.

(With thanks to the Riverside Museum)


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