Friday, 20 May 2011

Peterhead records join Deceased Online

New Peterhead records now added to Deceased Online (, with more Scottish material soon! Here's the release...

40,000 more Scottish burial records including Peterhead added to Deceased Online

Two Aberdeenshire coastal town cemeteries and a small Aberdeen City graveyard added to growing Scottish burial database

Nearly 19,000 records commencing 1869 for Constitution Hill Cemetery in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire are immediately available on The records include digital scans of mortality registers which are rich in detail and include full names, designations of heads of families, occupations, causes of death, places of death, addresses, ages and grave references.

Over 16,000 records, dating back to 1615, for a second Peterhead cemetery, St Peter's Churchyard, are currently being worked on and will be completed and uploaded onto Deceased Online shortly.

The database for the City of Aberdeen has also been increased with the addition of nearly 4,500 records for the small John Knox graveyard. 4,500 burials, dated 1838 to 1894, are available as grave digger register scans.

The spelling of names in the early registers is phonetic, producing some interesting results, as the local Aberdeen dialect / language is Doric, which can defeat the website's "sound-a-like" facility. As these records are legal documents they have had to be transcribed as they appear in the registers, so additional care and creative thinking needs to be applied when searching for names in this churchyard.

To assist in your searches a wild card facility is available, where "%" will match any number of any characters (including none), and "_" will match any single character. These can be inserted in your search name where variations are most likely to occur in the spelling. Full details on how to use wild cards in searching are available in our Advanced Search Help page, but below are examples of some spelling variants with, in brackets, the wild card search string that will find them all in each case.

Alexander, Alex, Alx, Alexand, Alexr, Alexdr (Al%x%)
Alison, Allethen (Al%n)
Ann, Ane (An_)
Barbara, Barbra, Barbrow, Barbraw (Barb%r)
Dewar, Dewor (Dew_r)
George, Gorg, Gorge (G%org%)
Heather, Headr (Hea%r)
Henry, Hendry (Hen%ry)
Margaret, Margrat, Margrate, Margret, Margt (Marg%t).

Deceased Online will be adding many more records for other Scottish regions soon.

(With thanks to the good folks at Deceased Online; updated Sat am, thanks to Richard Gray for the Constitution Hill register image)


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