Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More on the Boys Brigade - from 1923!

A couple of days ago I blogged about my boys' achievements at the local Boys Brigade company here in Largs, and included a short history of the organisation. At the end of the piece I asked if anybody else had any memories to share, but was not prepared for the following!

Reader Jean Mackenzie has sent through a rare and fascinating collection of images from a Boys Brigade camp on the Isle of Arran in 1923, held in Brodick (where the ferry sails to from Ardrossan). Eight of the images appear to show members of the company involved, 1st Clydeside, in daily camp life, whilst the ninth shows a BB boy with what appears to be a group of sea scouts. I was actually in Brodick last week for the first time in years, so can well imagine the fun that was had!

Were your ancestors involved in this company, or perhaps even in the images? If so, do drop me a note!

(With thanks to Jean!)


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