Sunday, 22 May 2011

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The following is a news update from the Families in British India Society, aka FIBIS (

FIBIS is pleased to announce that its first ‘Guest Blog’ post is now available for members to read in the FIBIS Social Network. The excellent article is entitled ‘Reaching out via Facebook‘ and is written by FIBIS member, Helen Leggatt. Helen is an experienced blogger, who joined FIBIS a year ago, and whose own blog, Hunting Kiwis, has recently been featured in the New Zealand newspaper ‘The Press’. FIBIS hopes this to be the first of many ‘Guest blog’ posts by FIBIS members. If you are a FIBIS member and would like to write a Guest blog post please contact the FIBIS webmaster. Creating a blog post is so easy and very little technical knowledge is needed. A list of ideas can also be found in the FIBIS Social Network blog.

Recent additions to our Database:

Patents of invention for British India, 1856-90

This contains data on patents of invention registered in the patent system for British India during 1856-90. It is limited to European residents of India, with a few entries for those living elsewhere with stated ties with India. The data is taken from chronological listings held by the Business & IP Centre, British Library. The titles have sometimes been abbreviated, otherwise the data is as given. Further information such as the actual patent documents is not thought to have survived. The British Library holds copies of patents from 1912, and any enquiries should be made to Patents numbered 1 to 8, in 1856, represent what was later regarded as an invalid attempt at patent protection, and the recognised patent numeration only began in 1859 after new legislation.

More Birth, Marriages and Deaths extracted from the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce and The Times of India newspapers by our Australian transcription team have been added to the FIBIS database website in the Newspapers and Periodicals category and include:

• Times of India 1894 consisting of 1061 births, 607 marriages and 1053 deaths, a total of 2721 transcriptions.

• Bombay Times 1840 consisting of 826 births, 361 marriages and 703 deaths, a total of 1890 transcriptions.

• Bombay Times 1841 consisting of 1062 births, 378 marriages, and 955 deaths, a total of 2395 transcriptions.

The FIBIS Members’ Interests have been updated. There are now 4555 interests listed. These can only be accessed by FIBIS members when logged in to the FIBIS database website.

FIBIS has a featured Image, Article and Project on the FIBIWIKI home page. Currently the image is a painting of the De Meuron Regiment in action, whilst readers can start to explore the fascinating history of Indian Railways by reading ‘Great Indian Peninsula Railway’. The featured ‘Military Project’ aims to further improve the FIBIWIKI content and coverage of military topics relating to British India. Any one who wishes to contribute is invited to add their name to the list of project members.

Comment: I can't stress enough just how brilliant the new FIBIS site is, so well worth a visit. Bear in mind that if you have Indian connections, the National Library of Scotland ( has the biggest Indian collection outside of the British Library in London. Also keep an eye out for the forthcoming book on tracing Indian ancestors from Emma Jolly in the next few months, to be published by Pen and Sword.


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