Sunday, 1 May 2011

Access to National Records of Scotland plans

From the National Records of Scotland at

The plans collection, which was closed to access on 31 January, re-opens to the public on 4 May 2011, following the upgrading of storage at Thomas Thomson House at Sighthill and the relocation of plans from West Register House. As the transfer of plans between buildings is not yet complete however, those between the references RHP11667 and RHP19999 are not yet available. You are advised to check the current position with the staff of the Historical Search Room (tel: 0131 535 1334;

In future, for preservation reasons, it is expected that you will normally be given access to digital images of plans in the Historical Search Room, rather than to the original plans. Where a plan has not already been imaged, we will aim to make an image available in the Historical Search Room within ten working days of the request being accepted.

If we are unable to make a plan available in this way owing to its condition, or for technical, ownership or copyright reasons, it may be possible to inspect the original plan at the Plans facility at Thomas Thomson House, on a Wednesday by appointment with the Historical Search Room.

Over 2000 plans are already available online at I had an interesting discussion with one of the staff there a few days ago, and there are some interesting developments ahead. If you haven't played with this site before, you're missing out on a real gem!!

(With thanks to the NRS)


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