Friday, 1 April 2011

ScotlandsPeople price rises effective from today

The ScotlandsPeople Centre and the Brightsolid run ScotlandsPeople website have both upped their prices as of today.

For access to the centre ( you will now be required to pay £15 access fee, up from the previous £10, though still less than the £17 paid for the earlier research set up at the GROS.

For thirty credits on the ScotlandsPeople website ( you will now pay £7, instead of £6. This equates to a cost per credit of 23.3p from April, up from the previous 20p. A search costs one credit to see a detailed index entry for a record, whilst a digitised image view will now cost £1.17, up from the previous £1.

An official certified certificate copy is now £12 if ordered through the ScotlandsPeople website, though £10 if obtained in person at the centre.


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