Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Retrieving ScotsFind

A few months ago the ScotsFind website sadly ceased to be. It was a wonderful website with many useful genealogical collections for Scottish research. This is a list of some:

Canongate Marriage Register
Canongate Burials, 1820-1851
Local Records of Dysart
Edinburgh Register of Testaments
Hamilton & Campsie Register of Testaments
Inverness Register of Testaments
Edinburgh Marriage Register 1701 - 1750
Edinburgh Marriage Register 1595 - 1700, 1751 - 1800
Greyfriars Interments, Edinburgh
Origin of the Scottish Language
Presbytrie Booke of Kircaldie
Edinburgh Processes & Decreets
Edinburgh Register of Apprentices
Edinburgh Roll of Burgesses
South Leith Records
Scottish Surname Variants
St. Cuthbert's Monument Inscriptions
The Guildry of Edinburgh

In addition there were many collections relating to the surnames Biggar, Bird, Cossar, Doig, Dryburgh, Edmondston, Fiddler, Inch, James, Jarvie, Kinloch, Lumbsdale, Oliphant, Robertson, Sandilands, Spence and Trotter.

All is not quite lost however - you can still access the website. The Internet Archive has regularly taken 'snapshots' of it from 2003-2009. To access the site visit the WayBack Machine at and type in the web address - you will be offered a choice of years to select from (I find 2007 works best).

I am not sure if it was updated beyond these cache dates, but even if so, a lot of something is better than none of something at all! The pages can be saved to your computer in PDF format.


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Susan said...

Thanks so much for the information. I have used the site in the past and was upset to see it gone.