Thursday, 24 March 2011

Update on more Irish records

The Irish Genealogy News blog is reporting progress on additional records to be added to the website imminently. This is a southern Irish Government backed project which is basically putting online transcripts of records for some of the counties not participating in the RootsIreland web project ( - but unlike RootsIreland, they are free of charge to view.

The update: Work is complete on the remaining records from Cork, and Ross Roman Catholic records, with the exception of records from Cork City completed by Cork County Library. For Dublin, May 2011 should see the final Roman Catholic records for the city go online. And for Monaghan, work is underway to finish the Roman Catholic records for the county, estimated at taking a few more weeks to finish.

Bear in mid that the National Library of Ireland is also planning to digitise its collection of RC records for the island - and I've just got wind of something else stirring on that front also which I can't share yet. Watch this space!

(With thanks to the BI-Gen blog and Irish Genealogy News)

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Caroline Gurney said...

Great news, Chris. Thanks for sharing it. I'm hoping these new records may help me find the baptisms of my two great-grandparents from Cork.

Bonnie Malmat said...

Monaghan? Ooh! Hope they get around to COI records for that county.

Thanks for the update.

Chris Paton said...

Fingers crossed!