Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thanks to Ayrshire FHSs

Thanks to Ayrshire for its hospitality last night! I gave a talk on Irish resources online to an absolutely packed venue in Largs last night, comprised of all the Ayrshire family history societies from Largs to Alloway, and Kilmarnock to Troon, as well as to members of other societies who also came along. After my talk the societies gave an annual update to each other about developments, and it seems membership is just about holding its own, which is a great result in such a challenging economic climate.

I've been asked to give the same talk in Renfrewshire and East Ayrshire in the next talks season, so if you couldn't make it, no worries - it'll be even more up to date next time! lol

And serious kudos to whoever made the wee sausage rolls...!

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