Thursday, 24 March 2011

Scottish Council of Archives newsletter

The Scottish Council of Archives has launched the first online issue of a new monthly newsletter called Broadsheet, described as "A voice of consensus on archive matters".

Amongst the items discussed are the recent Public Records (Scotland) Bill, issues on conservation and preservation within the archive sector, there's an interview with the Ballast Trust's Kiara King about business archives, information on the University of Dundee's Archives Services' acquisition of the Alliance Tust archive (an investment trust founded in Dundee in 1888), the NAS's Hazel von Hof discusses a Charter of Confirmation granted by David II in favour of the Church of St Thomas the Martyr at Arbroath in 1341, and there's a forthcoming events diary.

Totally free to read, it can be found at - definitely one to add to the reading list!

(With thanks to Simon Fowler)

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