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Roots Ireland - Advanced Search for all Ireland searches

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Advanced Search now available on All-Ireland searches

The Advanced Search facility is now available on All Ireland Searches on the main search page of

Please note that counties Limerick and Sligo do not participate in the Advanced Search facility and will be excluded from the results of an Advanced Search on the All Ireland site.

The Advanced Search facility is also available for each county centres' data with the exception of Co. Limerick and Co. Sligo.

Note that Standard search will continue to work across all counties.

* Antrim
* Armagh
* Cavan
* Cork (North East)
* Derry
* Donegal
* Down
* Dublin (North)
* Dublin (South)
* Galway (East)
* Galway (West)
* Kildare
* Kilkenny
* Laois
* Leitrim
* Longford
* Louth
* Mayo
* Meath
* Offaly
* Roscommon
* Tipperary (North)
* Tipperary (South)
* Tyrone
* Westmeath
* Wicklow

The Advanced Search adds a number of fields to the search criteria for Birth/Baptism and Marriage records and changes the way you pay to view the full details of these records.

Additional Search Fields - Births/Baptisms

In addition to all the search fields in the Standard Search you can now search by:

* Mother's First name
* Mother's Surname

Combining this with the Father's First name and Surname should enable you to find all siblings within the same family.

Additional Search Fields - Marriages

In addition to all the search fields in the Standard Search you can now search using any or all of the following:

* Spouse's First Name
* Spouse's Surname
* Father's First Name (please note that the names of parents may not been recorded in the original record)
* Father's Surname
* Mother's First Name (please note that the names of parents may not have been recorded in the original record)
* Mother's Surname

Record Payment

When using the Advanced Search option you cannot purchase individual records unless only one match is located. You will be able to purchase the entire record set located at a reduced cost. By entering as much detail into the search form as possible you can narrow your search to produce as few as matches as possible. You can then decide to purchase all these records at a reduced cost.

Before you undertake an advanced search please consult the SOURCES for the county you wish to search to see what data is available to search online.

When you perform a search using the Advanced Search facility the number of matching records located relating to the exact search criteria entered by you will be displayed, e.g. 2 matches, 3 matches, 10 matches etc. It will not display any details pertaining to the records. It will display the information located as follows:

EXAMPLE: 4 matches for the search criteria of Doyle (+ variants) John, father Pat Doyle, mother Mary Smith, 1856-1859 in County ? records:

The cost to view the full details of the 4 records that you have not yet viewed is ¤12.

Once you press the Purchase Link you are confirming the purchase of the full details of the records located using your search criteria. The details of the records can be printed out or viewed again for a period of six months from date of purchase.

Click here to Continue or Return to refine your search criteria to reduce the number of records returned

Any record matching your search criteria which you have previously purchased (within that past six months) will not be charged for in the cost of the record set returned. These records will be displayed immediately.

By clicking PURCHASE you are paying to VIEW the details of ALL the records located. The search results will be redisplayed listing all the matches. You can then select VIEW against each record to display the details of each.

Record Cost

The cost of buying records within the Advanced Search is dependent on the number of records in the result set that is returned.

Number of Records

1 record = 5 Euros
2 records = 8 Euros
3-4 records = 12 Euros
5-10 records = 20 Euros
11-15 records = 30 Euros

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