Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Romans were scared of Scotland - exhibition

Do you remember the one about the Romans building a big wall to keep the Scots out...? And then another, and oh, a third...?!! Hahahahahahaha - oh sorry, gets me every time! No army on earth can stop warriors guzzled to the gullet with Irn Bru!

Anyway, about those Romans (snigger!) - news of a new exhibition centre describing their panicked efforts to keep us out:

The Romans are coming!

Tullie House to launch new Roman Frontier Gallery

On Saturday 25 June 2011 Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery will open its new Roman Frontier Gallery.

This new permanent gallery will tell the story of the 400 year period of Roman occupation at the Empire’s northernmost frontier. Evidence and artefacts from Carlisle and the western parts of Hadrian’s Wall will create a picture of the Roman occupation, what happened and why.

The new displays will give a sense of the massive and diverse empire that Carlisle was part of, showing the connections and networks between the city and other regions abroad which made the Empire work effectively. The theme of frontiers will be explored, and the politics and pressures which they give rise to. The gallery will also investigate Britain’s role as a ‘colony’, helping to increase the Empire’s wealth, growth and power, as well as looking at life under Roman occupation.

Many objects in the gallery will be on display for the first time, with a large number from the museum’s own collections, and others on loan from venues including the British Museum in London. Objects on display will vary from columns and tombstones, to weapons and armour, to coins and everyday objects. Highlights include a tombstone found near Hadrian’s Wall marking the death of North African soldier Hippo Regius, proof of the existence of Africans at Hadrian’s Wall; a label from an amphora containing the famous luxury fish sauce that featured in all aspects of Roman cookery, a rare example of a Roman advertising label; and an amber ring, a luxury item which would have been imported from across the Empire, and was thought to promote good dreams in the wearer.

To explore further the idea of frontiers, on the new Living Wall a cross-section of people will give their views, stories and recollections related to Hadrian’s Wall, and other frontier walls.

To celebrate the opening, on 25 June Romans will be coming to the grounds of Tullie House and the city centre of Carlisle.

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
Castle Street, Carlisle, CA3 8TP
T: 01228 618718
Opening Times
10am – 4pm Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 4pm Sunday
Except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day: Gallery closed

(With apologies to the museum for any slight misinterpretation that may have occurred in the passing on of this message - good luck with the exhibition!)

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