Monday, 7 March 2011

The National Archives' new DROID

From the National Archives (Kew) website:

This is the DROID you are looking for

The National Archives has launched the fastest, most accurate version yet of its award-winning file-identification software.

A new file-profiling tool DROID (Digital Record Object IDentification) takes the hard work out of managing digital data and is downloadable for free from The National Archives' website. It can scan millions of files at a time and correctly identify hundreds of different file formats, including most document, audio, video and image files in common use.

The information DROID provides can help in making decisions about what data to keep, enabling users to reduce the amount of data held so that work becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

Jessie Owen, Head of Digital Continuity at The National Archives, said: 'DROID was devised as a simple solution to the increasingly complex problems associated with managing digital data. The National Archives has made it available to anyone wishing to manage their files better, from personal computers to businesses, charities and government departments.'

There's more on the new tool at

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