Thursday, 3 March 2011

Irish archives site goes live

A new website called Irish Archives Resource has gone online at proving that this is definitely Am Bliadhna Eireannach (Ireland's year!)!

The site carries searchable catalogues to many Irish archives, both north and south, at present including:

Clare County Archives
Cork City and County Archives
Donegal County Archives
Dublin City Archives
Fingal County Archives
Galway County Council Archives
Guinness Archive
Irish Film Archive
Limerick City Archives
Longford County Archives
Louth County Archives Service
NUI Galway JHL
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
South Tipperary County Archives
UCC Library Archives Service
Waterford County Archives
Wicklow County Archives

There's more on the story at

You have an awful lot of fun now, ye hear?!

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