Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Google map for Scottish Archives

Thanks to genealogist Kirsty Wilkinson and the RCAHMS for the heads up on Twitter about a new Google map created by the Scottish Council of Archives, which lists all the major Scottish archives.

From the council's news page:

Many thanks to those who contacted us with updated contact details and suggestions. The Scottish Archives Google map has now been updated and revised. Although each entry was also checked against the details of each service's website, there may still be some entries in need of correction.

We did not include photos of each service in the entries at this stage- many existing photos on Google were inaccurately linked to locations. If you think that it would be helpful to include photos in each entry, please let us know and we can consider this for future revisions. We also did not include opening times in each entry- we've just placed a link to each service's website to refer users on to further contact details and opening hours.

You can find a link to the updated map here:
Scottish Archives Google Map

Definitely one to bookmark!

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Tina said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for mentioning the Scottish Archives Google map on your blog! We hope the map will be a helpful tool for users.

Thanks again,

Victoria (SCA)

Chris Paton said...

No problems - I noticed on Twitter earlier that there is now also an Irish equivalent, inspired by your example!