Friday, 4 March 2011

Belfast City Cemeteries burial database goes online

This is definitely Ireland's year - I have just been informed by my good friend Martin Greer in Northern Ireland that Belfast City Council has now put online a free to access searchable burials database for three key Belfast cemeteries. They are:

* Belfast City Cemetery - records from 1869 (including the Jewish, public and Glenalina extension sections)
* Roselawn Cemetery - records from 1954
* Dundonald Cemetery - records from 1905

From the website:

You can use the search facility to view, where available, the folllowing information about the deceased:

• full name
• age
• last place of residence
• sex
• date of death
• date of burial
• cemetery they are interred in
• grave section and number
• type of burial, for example, standard earth burial or cremation.

The service is useful if you are interested in tracing your family history, carrying out larger genealogy or historical searches, or trying to locate a grave (for example, a funeral director or monumental sculptor).

To access to database, visit

(Massive thanks Marty!)

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