Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Australian vagrant children database

Ancestry has made a new database available though the World Archive Project, entitled New South Wales, Australia, Entrance Books for the Vernon and the Sobraon, 1867-1911.

From the site:

This is a database of records for destitute children and vagrants that were sent to the public industrial schools, the Vernon and Sobraon, between 1867-1911. The Vernon and Sobraon were ships that served as all-boy public industrial schools. The Vernon was replaced by the Sobraon in 1892 and both were moored in Sydney Harbour during their use from 1867-1911.

The records involve children who were sent to these schools. Boys under the age of 16 were sent to these schools by Justices of the Peace. The children would remain there until they were apprenticed out after the age of 12, discharged, or reached 18 years of age. The schools included religious instruction, moral, industrial, and nautical training, as well as elementary schooling.

The records include:

Birth year
Date received
Father’s name
Mother’s name

You can access the database at

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