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1911 Scottish census update

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Release of the 1911 Census

The 1911 census will be available by 11:00 BST on Tuesday 5 April. Images of the enumeration books will be in full colour and for the first time the enumeration includes the particulars of the marriage, the number of children born from the marriage, the industry or service connected to the occupation and the nationality of the person enumerated. We are also planning to make some scanned historic documents available at, for example PDF's of the street index books for the main towns and cities of Scotland, which will show whether a street existed in 1911.

Evening Visit on 5 April at ScotlandsPeople Centre

For those who work full time but who are keen to search the 1911 census, the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh is holding an evening visit from 18:00 to 21:00 on the evening of the 5 April for £10. Telephone 0131 314 4300 to book your place or email if you require further information.

Extension of validity period for credits plus increase in cost of credits

We are pleased to announce that from 1 April 2011, any credits purchased will be valid for one year rather than 90 days. Remember that you do not lose any un-used credits when the period of validity has expired; when you buy more credits they will simply be added to your existing credits.

Remember also that from 1 April 2011 the cost of 30 credits will rise to £7 and the cost of an Extract will rise to £12. These changes have been necessary to help fund the flexibility and availability of our services as well as fund the cost of providing an Extract and were approved by the Scottish Parliament through the Registration Services (Fees) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2010.

Please note that it will still cost 1 credit to view up to 25 index entries and 5 credits to view an image of the statutory or census records. It will also cost 5 credits to view images of the forthcoming 1911 census when it is released on 5 April 2011.

FYI, a search at one credit will cost 23.3p from April, up from the previous 20p, whilst an image view will now cost £1.17, up from the previous £1. The maths used to be a lot easier when it was £6 for 30 credits, so hope that helps...!

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