Sunday, 27 February 2011

Who Do You Think You Are Live Day 2

Well I got to my bed at 1.30am last night, and I won't say who was responsible for keeping me out, except to say "Alba gu Bragh!" lol :)

As the mist cleared, day 2 got underway at Who Do You Think You Are? Live. Yesterday was a fairly constant flow of traffic, today was a bit more up and down in feel - when people came to the Blatchfords' stall it felt at times as if they were arriving in attack formation! But we persevered and eventually won through - another VERY busy day!

I managed to get out and about again to talk to the great and the good, and even managed to have a microphone pointed at me at one point by Adam Rees of Your Family Tree magazine for a podcast they are hoping to put online soon. No idea if I made any sense but if it makes it online, you may need to slow it down as I talk like the plague is in town.

Yesterday I got talking to Tony Robinson about archaeology (I used to make archaeology programmes for the BBC, and used to sell cheese to him as a student in Bristol at the local ASDA store!). Today, I bumped into Miriam Margolyes, from Harry Potter films, who was lost and looking for directions to the Your Family History stall. Hope she made it there.

I also grabbed some more video interviews, with Jeannette Rosenberg of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Great Britain, Sherry Irvine from Pharos Tutors, and Bob Blatchford from the Family and Local History Handbook, all going online next week. Another high point of the day was having suggested to a student a possible way to get a work experience to then hear later that it actually worked out - glad to help!

In the evening I attended the vendors do upstairs in the hall at Olympia, and the head of BBC Magazines was there to talk about plans for the future of the show, now that they have take over from Brand Events. After this, managed to grab a pizza with several genies, inclusing Emma Jolly, Rosemary Morgan, Sheena Tait, Celia Heritage and Mike Kostiuk, before ctahcing up with Ali MacDonald, Tahita McCabe and others from the University of Strathclyde's genie programmes in Glasgow.

A packed day - one more to go...!

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